Customer First:We live to serve our customers
  • Smile to customers in any case,show respect and sincerity.
  • Treat customers with the way they like based on certain principle.
  • Think on the customers’ stand,even exceed their expectations.
  • Balance between the customers’ request and company benefit for a win-win.
  • Customer focus,professional advice,help customers grow.
Team Work:Share everything,ordinary people do extraordinary things
  • Share experience and knowledge,learn while teaching.
  • Be open to others’ opinion,outspoken to express ideas.
  • Brainstorm verb in work,play supplementary roles sometimes.
  • Fully comment before decision,firmly implement after decision.
  • With sense of ownership,actively participate,promote the team construction.
Embrace change:Welcome change,Brave in innovation
  • Think carefully,fully understand and willingly accept the change of the industry and company .
  • Rationally treat,sound communicate and sincerely cooperate with the change influence.
  • Positively affect and drive the colleagues facing the change.
  • Have perspective sense,try new ways,have new ideas
  • Adjust ourselves even having defeats and failure after change,embrace next change in better states
Integrity:Be honest and integrity,suit the action to the word
  • Magnanimous mind,focus on the situation, issues or behavior, not on the person.
  • Practice what you preach,don’t affect by interest or pressure.
  • Admit mistakes,prepared to carry responsibilities.
  • Don't spread unconfirmed information,don’t talk other things or other people irresponsibly.
  • Stick to principles,don’t involuntary commit or compromise.
Passion:Optimistic,never give up
  • Fill passion with company,work and colleagues.
  • Face trouble and setbacks in positive minds,never give up.
  • Inspire ourselves,improve ourselves and seek for a breakthrough.
  • Disregard personal gain or loss,fully devote.
  • Influence colleagues and team with optimistic spirits always.
Dedicated:Professional dedication,constantly strive for perfection
  • Never put off till tomorrow what should be done today,don’t push our own things to others.
  • Focus on the work,do the right things.
  • Gain efficient output by small investment in work.
  • Treat everything with professional attitudes and calm mind.
  • Keep leaning,constantly improve,today’s best performance is tomorrow’s lowest requirements.
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