Underwater Silt Cleaning Robot
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Underwater Cutting Robot
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Underwater HD Camera
Underwater HD Camera
Underwater HD CameraVVL-KS360-1080 is equipped with 1080P HD camera,2*50W LED lights has excellent lighting effects,which makes clear underwater image even in the dark and muddy water.
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Underwater Cutting Machine VVL-QG-S 1.The cutting head could be rotated for 90°.2.Easy to cut and grind.3.Easy to take
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360° Rotary Camera (VVL-KS-B)
360 °Rotary Camera is a kind of underwater observation tool,is widely used in aquaculture ,underwater inspection,fishing inspection etc.The device is ready to observe the underwater circumstances just by assembling all components together.
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360°Rotary Camera Catcher VVL-KS-A
360° Rotary Camera Catcher is high efficient salvage tool,which is mainly used for all kinds of salvage in reservoir,deep well,sea and river.The device is ready to salvage just by assembling all components together.Put the manipulator into the water,observe from the monitor,salvage objects easily by controlling manipulator.This model is specially used in underwater search and salvage,rescue,evidence salvage,etc.
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HD Infrared Intelligent Underwater Network Surveillance Camera
HD Infrared Intelligent Underwater Network Surveillance Camera adopts the smart design,can achieve 360 degree horizontal rotation,90 degree vertical rotation and 18 times optical zoom.It can not only connect the host computer and display the underwater circumstances through the computer screen,but also can check the state using smart phone through Wifi which is easy and convenient to use. It is widely used in aquaculture(observing the state of the breeding fish,sea cucumber,coral reef or effect on the drugs to them),underwater observation,underwater job,diving exploration,underwater engineering acceptance,well observation,entertainment,etc.
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VVL-SHTB-2500A Underwater Collection and Salvage ROV
VVL-SHTB-2500A is mainly used for underwater collection and salvage in underwater depth of 300M-3000M and suitable for being installed on the stern fishing ship to achieve the launching and withdrawing of robots and underwater objects collection and salvage even when the fishing ship is sailing.The underwater robot adopts the world leading middle collection basket design and can put the underwater collection objects on the collection basket.The multipurpose manipulator can be used for underwater cutting construction and salvage work.
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